The vinyl film used in making the RODRULE is a thin, flexible, self-adhesive material. You will need to be very careful during the removal of the back-liner and while applying to your rods. Any stretching of the vinyl will distort the accuracy. Also, pay special attention to static electricity. You may experience some during the removal of the back-liner.

The optimum application temp. range is between 50f - 75f degrees.

Before you start to apply your RODRULE you will first need to clean the surface of your fishing rod with a mild soap & water solution. Do not use any household cleaners; they tend to leave a light film on the surface. Also, it is best if you secure your rod horizontally to a table top to prevent from moving during application, masking tape works well.

1. Figure out where you want to position the Rodrule on your fishing rod. Determine whether you wish to use the whole length or to cut down to a smaller size. Use a sharp scissors to cut to length. Have a sharp knife (xacto knives work great) or razor blade handy if you plan on going over any ferrules (breaks in a two piece rod).

2. Once you have figured out placement of your RODRULE you can start to peel back the liner from the decal, starting at the 1” mark. To do this, let the decal hang vertically and begin to peel the entire liner back slowly. The slower you remove the less likely you will stretch the decal or create static electricity. Once the liner has been removed, grasp the end of the decal with your other hand.

3. Now your ready to apply your RODRULE. With the decal in both hands, hold taught about 1” above the surface of your rod at the desired location. Remember not to pull too tight! Let the center of the decal touch the rod first, working out to the ends. You need to avoid repositioning your decal so work slowly. Lifting the decal from the surface may cause it to stretch.

4. Using a finger at the center of the decal, gently slide your finger over the decal in each direction working your way to the ends. Once in place firmly rub the entire decal to ensure complete adhesion.

5. You will need to cut your RODRULE at this time if you applied it over any ferrules. With a xacto knife or a razor blade, carefully cut the decal at the joint. Remove the tape holding your rod in place and separate the rod sections to make sure your cut is complete. Go back over the RODRULE and make sure the entire decal has been firmly pressed to the rod. That's it. You are now ready to measure your fish!

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