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The Rodrule fishing ruler is a 1/4" x 36" clear decal you apply directly onto your fishing rods.  This transparent, self-adhesive vinyl decal fish measuring device applies easily and allows the color of the rods to show through with only the 1/4" increment marks visible.  Guide tested, this flexible material easily conforms to the curves of your fishing rods and will not effect the action.

Each package contains 2, 36" long Rodrule fishing rulers that can be cut to your desired length.  They are available for both left and right handed anglers - left hand retreive for left reel cranking and right hand retrieve for right hand reel cranking.

Created in the USA by Ninemile Fishing Company, the Original Rodrule fish ruler allow Sportsmen and Women to measure their fish quickly and accurately. Ideal for those practicing catch & release, the rodrule fishing rulers eliminate stumbling through good fishing water in search of a spot to lay down your catch for a ruler measurement. Simply hold your fish next to your fishing rod and measure against the ruler. It is that easy! With a Rodrule fishing rod ruler there is no more fumbling for a tape measure while wishing you had that third hand. Your fish measuring tape is right on your fishing rod!

Rodrule fishing ruler
Rodrule fishing ruler
using a fishing rod ruler
using a fishing rod ruler

"Thanks again for another great ruler!  Your BOATRULE is heavily used on my driftboats here in the midwest and at some of  our international destinations.  Your Rodrule is standard issue on all our fly rods. They are simple to use and to the point with out all the extra advertising BS."
Paul Hanson - owner
Sporting Life Adventure Travel

November 2020 Update:
Sadly, after 20 years providing Rodrules and Boatrules from coast to coast, we have made the tough decision to permanently close our doors and suspended future retail sales of our products.

Any corporate accounts can contact us at the email below for details on how you can fulfill in the future.

We thank all of you who have supported us over the years.  Tight Lines.